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Emu Oil and hair loss study

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Claims have been made that emu oil could offer a natural solution to help with hair regrowth and several studies appear to support this with preliminary research reporting an observed increase in skin and hair cell regrowth (1/2) with the application of emu oil.


The Pioneer Trading Company recently commissioned a study to try and establish whether or not sustained application of emu oil to the scalp could help with hair growth.

34 participants took part in the study, during which they were asked to apply emu oil to their scalps on a daily basis. Each month the participants recorded the amount of hair on their heads using a visual analogue scale. The results were extremely encouraging with participants seeing an average regrowth of 8.1% of their hair per month, and an average 48.4% regrowth over the full study period of six months.

How might it work: Although further studies need to be carried out to support the findings from this latest study the results are further evidence that emu oil may have a role to play in encouraging hair regrowth. Several theories have been put forward as to how, if it does, emu oil might help with hair loss. Emu oil application may encourage cell division by supplying some of the fatty acids that are needed for the process to occur. It has been proposed that the suggested anti-inflammatory nature of the oil may help with some forms of hair loss linked to inflammation of the skin surrounding the hair follicles. The enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into the hormone DHT (claimed to be one of the main culprits to cause hereditary balding) is known to be inhibited by several of the fatty acids that are present in emu oil.

Suggested Usage

In the most recent trial, in which participants saw an average of 8.1% regrowth per month, emu oil applications were made every day before going to sleep. A few drops were applied to the balding area and thoroughly massaged in.



1. Politis MJ, Dmytrowich A Promotion of Second Intention Wound Healing by Emu Oil Lotion: Comparative Results with Furasin, Polysporin, and Cortisone. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1998 Jun; 102(7):2404-2407

2. Clinical study by Michael Holick (MD, PhD, Proffesor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatolgy at Boston University School of Medicine)

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