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Anti-Aging Fact Sheet

Information Sheet

Everyone ages and it is often taken as being inevitable, although there are some anti-aging steps you can take. Research shows that there are in fact two distinct types of aging. Aging caused by the genes we inherit is called intrinsic (internal) aging. The other type of aging is known as extrinsic (external) aging and is caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun's rays, or smoking.
Whilst there is not a lot we can do about intrinsic aging there are several ways we can help avoid extrinsic aging; like not spending too long in the sun or by giving up cigarettes.

Although extrinsic aging is not fully understood it is thought that one of the ways factors such as UV rays and pollution play their role in it is through molecules called oxygen free radicals. Oxygen free radicals are thought to one of the main culprits responsible for aging skin as they are highly reactive molecules that interact with our body's cells to cause damage. However the effects of these oxygen free radicals can be lessened by anti-oxidants, which react with the molecules and make them less reactive.

We can also make our skin look and feel younger by avoiding excessive dryness. As our skin dries cracks can appear and leave us more prone to attack from infections and oxygen free radicals, thus helping to accelerate aging. This becomes more important as we get older and our skin begins to loose its ability to hold onto moisture.

Emu Oil

Emu oil is a 100% natural remedy that has been used in Aboriginal medicine for centuries. The oil has now become famous around the Globe for its powerful soothing properties and its popularity as one of the most effective natural remedies available is growing quickly.

Emu oil is seen to naturally contain varying amounts of the vitamins A and E. Both these vitamins are known to be powerful anti-oxidants and because emu oil is quickly absorbed it acts as an excellent carrier to get the vitamins deep into your skin.

An interesting study on emu oil was published in the journal 'Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery', in 1998 (1), and showed that when an emu oil lotion is applied to a wound, 24 hours after it's initial occurrence, it produces a nearly two fold promotion of wound contraction, epitheliazation, and infiltration of organized granulation tissue (skin healing). Mitogenic (cell generation) effects of the oil are suggested as the reason for this phenomenon, and there are several studies that back up this theory that emu oil can help skin rejuvenation. One such study by Michael Holick (MD, PhD, Proffesor of Medicine, Physiology and Dermatolgy at Boston University School of Medicine) found a 20 percent increase in DNA synthesis in skin and hair cells with the application of emu oil.

Furthermore emu oil has been seen to thicken aging skin, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and it is also an excellent moisturizer, both adding and retaining moisture within the skin.


Politis MJ, Dmytrowich A Promotion of Second Intention Wound Healing by Emu Oil Lotion: Comparative Results with Furasin, Polysporin, and Cortisone. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1998 Jun; 102(7):2404-2407

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